The legendary

Minttu peppermint

Minttu is a high-quality liqueur range. The key of its wintery fresh taste is the pure Finnish groundwater combined with a flavour coming out of real peppermint plants. Of course served in the iconic ice-cube shaped bottle!

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The twisted ones

Minttu twist

Taste of mint twisted in a new, playful way!

Minttu Twist is a new range of flavours with less alcohol. It offers you exciting and fresh flavours like: caramel, polka candy and bubble-gum. The newest addition has a mouth watering carnival flavour: Minttu Twist Toffy Popcorn.

Limited edition

Chocolate Bar

Minttu Chocolate Bar Limited Edition is a tasty shot with a fresh peppermint heart, and it comes in the layered taste of maple syrup, nougat & chocolate – just like your favorite chocolate bar!

Minttu Chocolate Bar Limited Edition